Billy writes:

“History and Explanation”


Hello, readers.  My name is Billy and I make comics about song lyrics that I find to be odd, confusing, or otherwise re-interpretable.


The idea for Lyrics comics came to me about two years ago.  I had been up all night drinking, and I was maintaining my buzz throughout the day.  Around noon, as I was listening to Nine Inch Nails' The Downward Spiral album, I was taken by the lyric, "help me, I broke apart my insides."  "What the hell could that possibly mean?" I asked myself, and I began to draw what I figured to be a literal interpretation of this peculiar lyric.  After giving birth to this beautiful brainchild, I continued drawing pages upon pages throughout the day while fueling my creativity with Tennessee whiskey.


These pages no longer exist, so I have come to Comic Fury to resurrect these works of comedy and pop-musical inquiry through the revolutionary-yet-dated graphic design program MS Paint.  Some of the comics on this website are recreated from memory, while others are brand new.


The creative process behind Lyrics comics is 90% finding the right lyrics for the subject matter and 10% spinning it into something new.  As a general rule, no text is used outside of the lyrics in any comic.  I might make an exception for a sign or something, but there will never be any additional dialog.  It's a pretty easy comic to put together; the text is always taken from another popular source and the art is borderline perfunctory.  It takes me about 5-10 minutes on average to produce a comic.


Thanks for reading.  Enjoy!