Comic 44 - Eagles - Hotel California

Posted on Dec 16, 2010
Eagles - Hotel California
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Author Notes:

Billy Dec 16, 2010 edit delete
There were no comics the last two days. So what?


marhurram Dec 23, 2010 edit delete
Do you have any mean ex girlfriend that might be rating all you comics with 1?
Billy Dec 23, 2010 edit delete
Of course I do, but a certain Norwegian with an 8-bit Hitler avatar has already confessed to this deed. I reported it to ComicFury two weeks ago and haven't heard back.
marhurram Dec 23, 2010 edit delete
I knew hitler had something to do with this... But I like the mean ex conspiracy better. I hope this situation gets fixed soon.
Meanwhile I'll keep rating 5 because you make laugh

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