Comic 74 - Misfits - Where Eagles Dare

Posted on Jan 29, 2011
Misfits - Where Eagles Dare
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Author Notes:

Billy Jan 29, 2011 edit delete
This is the second most confusing lyric in the song, after the one about the omelette of disease.


DSW Jan 29, 2011 edit delete
That's why I like the stuff with Micheal Graves better XP
Billy Jan 29, 2011 edit delete
I'm a Danzig fan. The only song with Graves that I can groove with is Dig Up Her Bones. Danzig writes some pretty nonsensical bullshit, but there are some fun horror scenarios in his lyrics. The best are, "Bitch! Bitch she is! Cut her from the inside out!" and, "Shotgun blast, a demon piece of lead!"

What I find particularly funny is how he explains what Green Hell is: "Like every hell but kind of green." Thanks, Glenn.

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