Comic 77 - The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary

Posted on Feb 01, 2011
The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary
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Billy Feb 01, 2011 edit delete
Look out, XKCD! I can do physics jokes, too!

I consider The Cult to be a goth band. I also consider The Cure to be a goth band, but Robert Smith thinks differently.

Anyway, I love goth music above most other genres. My favorite goth band is Sex Gang Children. My least favorite is probably Skinny Puppy or Fields of Nephilim. Those fucking drum machines ruin everything.

Along comes She Wants Revenge, with drum machines and droning bass lines. Do you, dear readers, consider this band to be goth? I can't even decide whether I like them or not.

XKCD fans need not worry that I'm rounding, right? Let's all just sit back and appreciate a rockin' song.