Comic 79 - Bright Eyes - Lua

Posted on Feb 03, 2011
Bright Eyes - Lua
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Billy Feb 03, 2011 edit delete
Lyrics is a sprite comic now. Deal with it.



Lunamy Feb 04, 2011 edit delete
SECRET OF MANA! omg omg omg! *too happy to formulate a proper comment*
Billy Feb 04, 2011 edit delete
It's actually Chrono Trigger, but don't let the lack of rabites and chobin hoods dull your enthusiasm.
Guest Mar 06, 2011 edit delete
lol. thats pretty awsome.
Purity of the Crystals
I watch "Secret of Mana Threater" And noticed the girl on the right... Then I saw the Frog from Chrono Trigger... :P
Silver Streak Apr 11, 2011 edit delete
Silver Streak
CHRONO TRIGGER IS AWESOME! I always used the red headed girl instead of the frog though >.>